Dayton Mason Music
Gypsy -Jazz Guitarist

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Promotional Videos for 2019

Rogue Theatre w/The Maestro

Solo Performances

Duet with Drummer Eric Elmer

Trio with Eric Elmer and Michael Hodgin

Dayton is constantly performing and works tirelessly to learn a vast repertoire of songs, constantly improving new techniques and overall sound quality. The newest addition to Dayton's music is the opportunity to see him perform as a duet with Drummer Eric Elmer, which adds a "whole band" feel. Dayton's "La Pompe" rhythm guitar backing tracks now also include bass, which adds to a full and rich sound at his performances, which fit both small intimate wine tastings to larger concert performances. Dayton will be performing regularly with Eric Elmer on an as requested basis, especially for some larger performances, adding a whole other level to his gypsy jazz style, presence, and sound. See where he is playing next by visiting the Venues page!